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Building a new MPCNC with space saving design.

Personal Tracked Vehicle

Multi-part series on building a personal tracked vehicle. Find the complete BOM and more information here.

DIY Full Size CNC ROuter

Details about the full size cnc router build.


Upgrades made to the DIY CNC Plasma cutter.

Mostly Printed CNC Machine

Parts List, information and links related to the MPCNC Mostly Printed CNC machine.

DIY CNC Plasma Cutter

More about the DIY CNC plasma cutter.

Life Size, Bulletproof Pinball Drop Targets

Life size, bulletproof, pinball drop targets. What else could you ask for?

Ultimate Monitor Stand

A one click solution to set your monitor in the correct orientation.

2 x 72 Belt Grinder from Treadmill Parts

Making a 2 x 72 belt grinder with parts from a treadmill for less than $200.

Fun with Digital Calipers

How to make a cable that plugs into digital calipers so the values can be sent to an Arduino or PC.

Fuel Pressure Sensor Alarm

A weekend project that sounds off an alarm when the fuel pressure in a Dodge RAM pickup is too low.

DIY Adam Savage Inspired Sortimo Storage Solution

How to make an Sortimo style storage solution inspired by Adam Savage.

How To Make a Motorized Camera Slider

How to make a motorized camera slider that switches directions when the slide reaches the limit.

How To DIY Automatic Water Valve for Open Top Containers

How to build a water valve that automatically turns itself off when the water level reaches the top of an open container.

Wooden Dog Crate

A wooden dog crate is made for our new puppy. I wanted something that looked more like a piece of furniture instead of junk that came off a boat from China.

The Claw Machine

This is a two part video series showing how Bob builds a claw machine entirely from parts on hand. When finished it will be displayed at the 2015 Nashville Mini Maker Faire.

Self Balancing Segway Style Scooter

This is a multipart video series following Bob as he makes a self balancing scooter (Segway clone). Click to see details on what worked and what did not and how this project was built.

The Target Robot

Tired of shooting paper targets? So is Bob. Following along as Bob builds a robo-target that randomly flips targets in and out of view. Also, see what it takes to build a robot that is bullet proof so the occasion hit doesn't render the robot useless.

Water Level Sensor Part 2

Bob builds a water level sensor to monitor his horses water troughs. In Part 2, the electronics for the wireless link and water sensors are built.

Water Level Sensor Part 1

Bob builds a water level sensor to monitor his horses water troughs. In Part 1, the sensor is built out of ordinary plumbing parts that can be found at any hardware store.

Pac Man Theme Clock

Bob builds a theme clock based on that popular 80's arcade game Pac-Man.

Man Cave Arrow Sign

A marquee arrow is built. Perfect for any arcade, garage or man cave.