Camera Slide

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This is a camera slider that was made with a slide that is similar to the ones that I made for the claw machine project. I used a stepper motor to move the slide and an ATTiny85 to control all of it. There is a potentiometer that controls the speed. There is a switch switch on each end of the slider. When the slide hits a limit switch I have the ATTiny85 set so that it switches directions of the slide and continues in the opposite direction. Since a stepper motor was used to drive the slide, the ATTiny85 can be programmed to do other things than just articulate back and forth until a limit switch is hit. There is also a 10k Potentiometer that can be used to control the speed of the slide. The whole thing is powered by a small 12v lead acid battery.

This is a very simple project that only uses a few electrical components, 3/4" aluminum angle, some scrap wood and a stepper motor. 3D printed timing belt pulleys were used to turn the timing belt. These work quite well, however they make a creaking noise which can be heard on camera. An upgrade to aluminum pulleys will hopefully cure this problem.

Here is a list of things you will need to build this project: