DIY Adam Savage Inspired Sortimo

I first saw this storage concept on when Adam Savage showed off his Sortimo that he keeps in his cave. At that moment, I knew that I had to have one. I quickly started looking to buy one and found that the cost was beyond what I could pay for a setup like Adam's. So I decided to just build my own. I made a smaller scale version and it only took about a year for me to out grow it. So in this video, I build a bigger one and also make a few improvements with some 3D printed parts. Sketchup drawings for this project are available for download to Maker level patreons.

The entire project is built using 3/4 inch plywood. There are no screws or fastners holding the wood pieces together. I used lap joints, dados and wood glue to hold all of the wood pieces together. The only screws in the entire project are the ones holding on the casters and 3D printed pieces. The stoage bins came from Harbor Freight and at the time of making this project, they were on sale for $8.95. This version uses 2 larger bins on the bottom shelf. The size is big enough that 2 of the smaller bins can be double stacked in the same slot if a larger bin is not desired.

Here is a list of things you will need to build this project: